WINNER’s Mino Gets Soul Crushed After Kids Punch His Face Repeatedly, Destroying His Picture

In an episode of Half Moon Friends featuring WINNER, a particular segment has grabbed the attention of fans.

As fans mays know, the children of Half Moon Friends have fallen in love with member Jinwoo, otherwise known as “Joojoo Teacher” to the kids. In this particular segment, Mino speaks about how hurt he felt when two little girls did not seem happy with him.

Split up into groups with two kids per member, the two little girls relayed their displeasure with Mino and wishes to team up with “Joojoo Teacher” instead. “I don’t like Candy Teacher (Mino).”

Despite trying his best to get them to open up to him, the girls spent time taking a photo of the rapper, punching it in front of him as they continued saying they didn’t want to be on his team.



Source: Instiz