WM Entertainment keeps B1A4’s sister girl group faceless in first teaser image

B1A4‘s sister group is about to debut soon and the first teaser image has been freshly released on March 25th!

WM Entertainment first announced that the girls were to debut in April, but then later revealed the possibility that they might push back the dates to May. With the debut of the new girl group, there will then be two groups of artists under WM Entertainment.

A new Instagram account dedicated specially for the upcoming new girl group was created under the name wm_omg” with the first post revealing the members from chin to toe, but still mysteriously hiding the faces of the girls.

WM Entertainment captioned the photo with “#OMG READY?#Mimi #JiHo #YooA #SeungHee #JinE #Arin #Binnie #HyoJung,” hinting that the girl group’s name might be OMG, while naming the eight unique names of the members.