Wonder Girls drops greetings on Naver V ahead of exciting band transformation and comeback

Wonder Girls greeted fans through the Naver V app ahead of their band comeback this August 3rd, sharing the excitement of finally returning to the stage after three years.

Ye Eun reveals, “Wonder Girls are back with the 3rd studio album ‘Reboot,’ with Yubin following up with, “We are so happy to greet you like this after a long time.”

Hyerim offers more information into their upcoming and highly anticipated album, revealing, “Each of our members participated a lot in writing and composing the songs for this album. Please look forward to seeing our changed aspects as a band.”

Ye Eun adds, “Please show a lot of interest and love since we are back after a long break.”

Just recently, JYP Entertainment shared official image teasers for Reboot on July 27th, sharing the mature but sexy Wonder Girls in a one piece swimsuit and giving off a retro 80s feel. They follow instrumental video teasers of each members that were released one by one on July 21st, giving fans a feel of how each members would sound like on their instruments.

The girls will be introducing a variety of genre tracks with a feel of the 80s written and composed by them, sharing their singer-songwriting skills with fans.

Look out for their album Reboot on August 3rd, which will be followed by a showcase on the same day to be broadcast by Naver V.

Source: X Sports News