Wooyoung and Chansung chat with HOTTEST in latest episode of “Real 2PM”

On January 30th, 2PM‘s Wooyoung and Chansung answer HOTTEST’s questions via an online chat on their latest episode of Real 2PM.

In the said episode which covered snippets from their live chat, Wooyoung answers a fan asking which leisure activities he likes to do with, saying, “I like fish so diving underwater…I imagine the feeling of being under the water is similar to being in space.” Afterwards, one fan asked Chansung, “Oppa, what kind of perfume do you wear?” to this he comically replied, “Febreze.” Unfazed, the fan admittedly wrote “I expected that answer…” making both members laugh.

In the midst of their chat, the two members each try to draw each others’ faces on the white board beside them. As soon as Wooyoung draws Chansung’s face shape, Chansung peers over asks “What, is that a chestnut? What’s that..”  to which he simply responded, “It’s you.” 

Recently, Wooyoung unveiled a teaser photo and details for his upcoming Japanese debut single, R.O.S.E.

Watch their fun fan chat below!