Xiumin wanders the street of Berlin for EXO’s “Pathcode” video teaser

The fourth “Pathcode” video has been released, this time featuring EXO member Xiumin as he takes to the streets of Berlin, Germany.

Xiumin makes his way towards his destination, listening to music and jingling his keys on his fingers with skateboard in his arms, the words “Berlin 05:07” appearing across the screen. As he enters the building, he takes off his overly large and fluffy hat off and begins his long adventure up several flights of stairs.

Finally reaching his small apartment, void of furniture save a couch and a television, Xiumin plops down on the sofa. The television set begins to emit a strange picture, the words “Edinburgh 15:25” flashing. As if understanding this mysterious message, Xiumin slams down his glass and runs out of his apartment.

The Twitter/Weibo “PathcodeEXO” posts another hint, but claims, “We have already given the hint.” (Answer: Wolf)

“Pathcode hints”: Kai — The first hint is “the number of marbles that passed the maze.” | Tao | Chanyeol — Vereisung

EXO Xiumin Pathcode-1

EXO Xiumin Pathcode-2

EXO Xiumin Pathcode-3

EXO Xiumin Pathcode-4