Xoticy’s Monica Wilson accuses Ga In for stealing her choreography in “Paradise Lost”

Ga In has attracted a lot of attention for her concept in “Paradise Lost,” including an American choreographer who claimed the artist stole her choreography.

In an uploaded YouTube video on March 13th local time, choreographer Monica Wilson published an announcement with allegations that “international artists steals choreographer’s brand for music video,” and goes on to show an accompanying video of herself playing (2009) alongside several clips of “Paradise Lost” (Ga In; March 2015) to prove which dance moves were stolen by Ga In. The video ends with the statement, “Respect choreographers. Respect creativity. Respect the process. #StopStealing.”

Monica Wilson is a professional dancer and choreographer who established the brand Xoticy in 2004, which combines “her fun of sliding on the floor with her creative signature floor movements that gives this unique ART FORM of dance.”

K-pop fans who viewed the video gave mixed reactions to her claims with many saying the moves are common and not enough to  leaving comments such as, “The moves in Ga In’s MV are taught at every pole school and can be seen in performances. Why are implying you created them?” “Sue her if you think you’ll win. But it’s a little childish and not professional to make a video like that, just saying,” and “Wow, you think you’re the only one doing those moves?”

[+11] I’m always down to support those who have their work stolen but you (or whoever) edited various “(I catch two) videos of you dancing similar moves and then claiming that Ga-In stole your dance moves. Especially since those moves are very generic and odds are you didn’t create them yourself either. But I’m gonna keep up with this. Maybe you should have contacted Ga-In’s company as well (that’s assuming you didn’t and you probably did contact them).

[+10] Wow they definately did steal them. If they liked the moves so much they should have hired Monica so they she can get the credit and get paid for her creativity.

[+7] Totally bullshit. I’ve seen these moves countless times in other dances. Also what out Gain on blast like this? Why not contact her? She didnt choreograph her dance Paradise lost a professional choreographer did. Maybe you should learn thisbrespect you speak of because you obviously have none for her or yourself. These dance moves are not original and personally I’d rather see Gain do them than you.

[+5] I can actually say as a Dance Academy owner and I too also teach floor work, chair seduction, and Pole, that I just heard about you through a member who said I should see some of your videos because we dance somewhat similar.  I use a lot of moves I learn in yoga and workout period, dance is a world wide shared thing.  If you think you actually created this move, then I think you should think again.  I have been doing this for awhile and you may put your own touch, but to say create, we as dancers cant say we create anything but a choreography routine.  Moves have been done since before you and or I was born.  Please don’t go there.  Beats and routines are created, however dance moves are perfected and personalized, not created though.  I am quite sure you yourself received your inspiration from someone else as well.