Yang Hyun Suk reveals the truth behind BIGBANG’s absence from Music Bank

BIGBANG is finally making a return to the stage on Music Bank, and YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk explained that their absence on the KBS music show was not because of a strained relationship between KBS and YG.

Fans were upset when rumors first started spreading that BIGBANG would not hold promotional activities with KBS for their current comeback, but the agency quickly denied the rumors, followed by an announcement that the group is scheduled to promote on Music Bank after a long time.

Yang Hyun Suk stepped in to give a reason for their previous absence on the show, stating, “Only if the stage setting is alright, I will hope for them to make an appearance. The reason for the performing absence of YG Entertainment’s singers, including BIGBANG, was not because of relationship problems with the broadcasting company. It was just a matter of whether the stage could bring out the best performances for the singers. I heard that there were conflicts between YG and the broadcasting company, but this is not true. I just hoped that the stages would be well prepared. If our music can be well presented, we would like to make appearances as much as we can.”

He further explained by making a contrast with their willingness to appear on SBS and Mnet, “Inkigayo and M! Countdown were able to produce stages that allow the songs and artists to shine. There are no other reasons. In future, if the stage setting suits well with our singers, we would like to meet fans through even more performances.”

Besides their grand return in the music industry with at least one song release per month from May 1st to August 1st, the group will also be special guests on Happy Together 3making it their first appearance on a KBS variety show in 9 years. They are also scheduled to film two music videos that are set for release on June 1st.

BIGBANG’s comeback on Music Bank will air this coming Friday, May 15th.

Source: TVReport