Yang Hyun Suk teases new iKON MV for upcoming album “WELCOME BACK”

iKON‘s debut promotions looks to be coming along as scheduled as YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk drops another teaser for fans on his Instagram.

On September 20th, the CEO shares a video recording of a scene iKON’s upcoming music video and captioned, “#iKON #newMV #NOWSHOOTING #WELCOMEBACK #20151001.”

iKON recently released their warm-up debut single My Type on September 15th and their debut promotions will continue with the first half of their album WELCOME BACK to be released on October 1st and the second half on November 2nd.

YG Entertainment, who is regarded for almost never keeping to their own release schedule by fans, is keeping to their latest promise when it comes to iKON’s long-awaited debut and making this one to remember.

Meanwhile, iKON’s My Type has been reigning atop the charts, achieving an all-kill status as well.

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