Yano and A-Tom of Topp Dogg release cover of ZoPD’s “Dear Friend” ft. EvoL’s Say

Topp Dogg‘s Yano and A-Tom recently showed fans their impressive rapping abilities with a cover of ZoPD‘s “Dear Friend” with the help of EvoL’s Say.

The video started off incredibly strong, with both Yano and A-Tom proving that they had the attitude and swagger to pull of the intensity of ZoPD’s track. Coupled with label-mate Say’s powerful vocals, the Stardom Entertainment artists proved that their collaboration for the cover was a perfect fit.

The Topp Dogg members showed off their impeccable energy and flow performing the cover with swagger and attitude. On top of the impressive performance, the artists also showed that they had fun recording the song in the studio, as they laughed and joked around between and even during takes.

Fans were definitely impressed by their performance, leaving comments such as “their skills will never cease to amaze me”, “it’s soooo good!!!!!! I love it!!!!”, and “Good job my babes <3.” Make sure to check out the three artists’ outstanding cover of ZoPD’s “Dear Friend” below!