Ye Eun is an elegant pianist in instrumental teaser video for Wonder Girls’ comeback

The final individual instrumental teaser video for Wonder Girls‘ comeback has been released, featuring a beautiful and elegant Ye Eun rocking out to a jazzy track.

Released on July 24th, Ye Eun walks over to her piano dressed in a gorgeous one piece with a long tail and begins to play to a soft and melodic tune before additional instruments join her, creating a jazzy but rocky tune.

Wonder Girls will be returning as a band instead of a dance group in August with Sunmi– returning to the group as an official member – as the bassist, Yoobin on the drumsHyelim on the guitar, and Ye Eun on the keyboards with the title track produced by J.Y. Park himself.

While the teaser only reveals the release date of August 3rd at noon KST, the title track has not been named.

Meanwhile, Sunye and Sohee have officially withdrawn as members from Wonder Girls.