Yeo Hee releases self-composed track “Waltz-Steps” and MV

Solo female artist Yeo Hee is back with a new single and music video “Waltz-Steps,” released on November 21st, revealing her emotional, but sweet vocals.

Yeo Hee shows her composing and lyric writing skills with “Waltz-Steps,” revealing her directing and editing skills as she takes charge of all aspects of her new single.

“Waltz-Steps” speaks of a person who is unable to let go of their loved ones, as if stuck in a series of waltz steps as they constantly revolve in circles expressing their love.

The artist beautifully expresses her lyrics in her music video, which takes place in the beautiful countryside, utilizing the breathtaking scenes of the mountains, the body of water, and other natural surroundings to her advantage with the sun shining brightly above her.

Prior to “Waltz-Steps” release, Yeo Hee shared the lyrics with fans in not only Korean, but in English and Japanese as well.