[★VIDEO] Yeo Jin Goo shares an encouraging message to all the South Korean SAT test-takers

With only five days left until the South Korean SAT exams, actor Yeo Jin Goo has shared an encouraging video to all the test-taking students out there.Through his agency’s official Youtube channel, JANUS Entertainment, Yeo Jin Goo uploaded a short, yet meaningful video clip on November 7th to encourage the students of South Korea to do well on their SAT (Scholastic Ability Test) exams, also referred to as “college entrance exams”.

The 50-second clip presented a compilation of different photos where the young actor is holding up random props and sketchbook pages to go along with his audio message, “Hello to all the SAT-taking hyungs and noonas! I am Yeo Jin Goo. The SAT exam date on November 13th has finally caught up close to us! As much as you guys have prepared for this day, I hope you will be able to solve and answer all of your test questions easily. If you come across a question that you can’t answer, don’t fret! And on the day of the exam, be sure to recharge your energy and blood sugar during all of your breaks, so that you can maintain a healthy condition for the remaining duration of the test.

The actor continued, “As much as you all have worked hard, I hope that you receive great results and get accepted into the university of your choice. Lastly, don’t forget to check off all the supplies you need for the day of the exam.

The sketchbook pages with text that Yeo Jin Goo is holding up in the video read, “I, Yeo Jin Goo, support and encourage you all. All hyungs and noonas taking the exam, fighting!

Many netizens and students who have come across this message or are participating in the Class of 2015 College Entrance SAT exam have left thankful comments such as, “He’s gotten even more handsome! I will definitely take the exam well for him,” “I have been stressing out recently because of the SATs, but now I’m happy again,” and last but not least, “Thank you, Jin Goo! I will definitely study harder for you!

It has become an industry tradition for many South Korean celebrities to share such photos, videos, and words of encouragement to all the SAT test-takers once the national exam date nears every year.

Source: Star News