Yeom Jung Ah and EXO’s D.O take a friendly selca together for “Cart”

Actress Yeom Jung Ah and EXO’s D.O took a loving selca together to share with their fans before the release of their upcoming movie, Cart!

On November 6th, Yeom Jung Ah uploaded a photo taken with D.O through her agency’s official Twitter account, Fantagio Group, with the caption, “With my gorgeous son Kyung Soo from Cart. There’s finally only a week left until the release of the movie~

Both the actress and idol are seen smiling cutely in the photo, showing off what seems like a real, warm mother and son relationship.

Many fans who came across this photo commented on how surprisingly well the two resemble each other and that they could really pass as biological mother and son, encouraging the success of the upcoming film. Other fans expressed their envy on being able to take such a close-knit selca with the EXO star.

Cart is a film about temporary employees of a supermarket who stand up to fight against the corporation after unfairly getting fired from their jobs.

Top veteran actresses such as Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Young Ae, and Moon Jeong Hee have all complimented the rookie actor for his outstanding job in acting despite having little experience previously.

Source: Cart Official