YeonDu releases dance version MV for “Be Your Girl”

On February 26th, singer YeonDu released the dance version music video for her latest release “Be Your Girl.”

After releasing the original music video on February 24th, the singer released a dance version to help fans who want to familiarize themselves with the choreography.

“Be Your Girl” is a unique song for a solo singer, featuring both a powerful vocal chorus with a solid amount of rapping as well. While displaying her smooth and powerful voice through the chorus, the singer also shows off her impressive flow and hip hop attitude in the verses of the track.

The dance version of the music video takes place on the same set as the original music video, but features additional back-up singers, giving fans a view of the choreography through many different angles. YeonDu further impresses by performing the entire dance in a large fur coat and a set of high heels.

Make sure to check out the dance version of YeonDu’s new catchy song “Be Your Girl” below: