Yesung shows off suited-up charisma in deleted photo

On January 7th, Super Junior’s Yesung shared a mysterious photo on his personal Instagram in which he showed off his suave charisma in a dark suit.

The photo is taken in black and white and shows different panels. In each block, Yesung charms fans with his charisma in a well-fitted black suit. His solemn expression is captivating as he seems to portray a serious character.

In one panel, he can be seen in the middle of a fist fight with two suited men. The backlit frame and dark mood give the photo a very intense mood. A different panel portrays the opposite emotions as he can be seen with a woman.

However, the focus of the photo is a full body shot of the vocalist as he carries a briefcase. He cooly walks toward the camera with one hand in his pocket as his defeated enemies can be seen in the background.

Captioned, “regrets about past times…how sad #opportunity #song #whatthehell,” the melancholy and mysterious image had fans guessing as to what Yesung meant by this post.

Fans reportedly praised his handsome looks and suave outfit. They left encouraging comments urging him to take care of himself. Unfortunately, the star seems to have deleted the photo soon after posting it.

Source: Star MT