YG Entertainment confirms BIGBANG’s April comeback

It has been three years since BIGBANG has last released an album whole group and in the coming April, the group will be coming back with a brand new album.

On February 12th, YG Entertainment confirmed to the public that BIGBANG will be their first group to make a comeback in the year 2015. The agency stated, “They will be making an official comeback in April.” The news is exciting many fans around the globe following a recent report that the group would be making a return before the summer season.

Although individual members of the group had been active in the industry during the past three years, after their album Still Alive, the group did not perform as a whole. Due to this fact, the group’s return is more highly anticipated than ever before.

Meanwhile, the group has broken records as a foreign artist, having performed in the five largest dome venues in Japan twice; both in 2013~2014 and 2014~2015. During their 5th anniversary in 2014, their tour started at the Nagoya dome continuing on to the Osaka dome, Fukuoka dome, Sapporo dome, and the Tokyo dome totaling fifteen performances involving 741,000 audience members.

After their dome tours, G-Dragon had stated and confirmed their comeback this year, “it was unfortunate to be unable to show new stages to the fans. However, I promise the fans will not be disappointed after their long waiting as our return will be quickly here this year with a new album. We hope our return as a whole group with five members will be cherished and greeted by the fans. Please keep cheering on and loving us as the promise will be kept.

Source: Newsen