YG Family shows some love for Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun

YG Entertainment appears united as they cheer on their fellow artist Epik High’s Mithra Jin on his wedding day! 

On October 2nd, a number of YG Entertainment’s artists such as 2NE1’s Dara and Minzy, Lee Hi, Akdong Musician and more attended the wedding celebration of Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun. The photos, taken as a souvenir from the wedding, garnered much attention for their avid support for the couple, which also included Younha.

The artists joined the rest of the guests as Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun tied the now at Yeoksamdong, Seoul. The couple were in a relationship for more than three years before publicly announcing their relationship last year. 

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Source: Dispatch