Yonghwa releases full Japanese PV for “One Fine Day”

After releasing a short PV for the Japanese version of his solo debut track “One Fine Day,” CNBLUE’s Yonghwa finally released the full vide0 for the song. The video begins with a short narration by Yonghwa, who introduces the music video for about forty seconds for fans. The length and story of the PV is very similar to the Korean music video.

As with the music video, the Japanese PV tells the story of the lonely days following a breakup, focusing on Yonghwa thinking back on the good and bad memories with his onscreen girlfriend.

Although the Japanese version does share many similar scenes with the original Korean music video, there are several distinct differences between the two videos, including the color of the singer’s blazer. Unlike the original Korean music video, Yonghwa wears a white jacket in several of the scenes of the PV rather than his black one.

The powerful emotions found in Yonghwa’s song carries over perfectly in the Japanese version of the track, creating a very beautiful video. Make sure to check out the Japanese version of Yonghwa’s “One Fine Day” below: