Yonghwa releases hilarious MV teaser with Yang Dong Geun for “Mileage”

The first video teaser for Yonghwa’s upcoming solo album has been released on January 8th, featuring actor and hip-hop artist Yang Dong Geun, or YDG.

Awaking from a deep slumber, Yonghwa answers the phone to hear YDG’s voice. Hilarious scenes appear as YDG pushes a shopping cart full of groceries with a doll of a baby in his hand, as Yonghwa is seen pedaling a bike with an odd look on his face, a lady mannequin behind him playing as his girlfriend. The CNBLUE singer than is surprised as he attempts to put gas in his car, only for money to come out of his tank!

“Mileage” will be pre-released on January 9th, while the remaining collaboration partner of Yonghwa have yet to be revealed.