Yonghwa releases “Mileage” MV with Yang Dong Geun

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa has unleashed the music video to his pre-release track “Mileage,” which features his collaboration partner, hip-hop artist Yang Dong Geung.

In a comedic music video, Yonghwa and YDG go on an adventure together in a one-dimensional world, mannequins taking the roles of other characters in the plot.

“Mileage” combines hip-hop and pop together in a track, Yonghwa’s vocals and YDG’s rapping abilities blending perfectly together. The two artists show their perfect meld with one another, writing the lyrics to the tracks together, while Yonghwa showcases his composing abilities as the composer of the song.

Completing their night out together, Yonghwa and YDG get up from their table with cut out images of soju in their hand as they stumble off.