Yonghwa releases MV for “Checkmate” featuring JJ Lin

On January 30th, vocalist Yonghwa released the powerful music video for “Checkmate,” a collaboration featuring Singaporean and Taiwan-based singer, JJ Lin

“Checkmate” is a song filled with meaningful messages as the two vocalist sang, “Here I am for you, I will fight with you, until the blocking obstacles break down, I will be there.”

The music video showcased Yonghwa and JJ Lin as everyday business employees, performing the same routine on a daily basis, such as making photocopies, drinking coffee, and making late night phone calls. As the music video came to a close, JJ Lin was seen letting go of his resume while Yonghwa shed a tear.

Meanwhile, Yonghwa released his solo debut music video and album One Fine Day on January 20th. The music video for the track “One Fine Day” tells the story of how others would feel after a break up, as Yonghwa was reminiscing past memories with his onscreen girlfriend.