Yonghwa and YDG release dance practice for “Mileage”

Yonghwa’s debut track “One Fine Day” recently reached 2 million views! To thank fans, he and YDG released a dance practice for their laid-back collaboration track showing off a different kind of charm.

In the dance practice, the two are dressed in comfortable clothes while Yonghwa dons a snapback to complete the relaxed look. This directly contrasts the luxurious and chic clothes that they wore in the “Mileage” music video which included a range of suits, fur coats, sweaters, and fancy kicks.

The two artists and backup dancers thus draw the focus to the dance instead of a bright background, showcasing the easy-going nature of this track with Yonghwa’s light voice and YDG’s stylistic rap.

Recently, Yonghwa has been garnering attention for his graduation photos following his appearance on Radio Star this week. Meanwhile, his debut title track “One Fine Day” has been named number one on Inkigayo, Show Champion and Music Bank and has swept charts internationally following it’s release.

Congratulations on reaching 2 million views and check out their dance practice!