Yoo Se Yoon releases MV for “We Fought” ft. Almeng’s Haeyong and BESTie’s Dahye

Comedian, actor, and singer Yoo Se Yoon dropped his music video “We Fought” with Almeng‘s Haeyong and BESTie‘s Dahye on March 10th.

The music video for “We Fought” centers around a couple who always argues with each other no matter how childish the situation seems. Not knowing what he does wrong, the boyfriend is continuously apologetic towards the girlfriend who continues to push him away.

No matter how many times the girl pushes him away or treats him badly, the boyfriend chases after her without any regrets. Even though the couple goes through hard times together, they still manage to have their happy ending.

Yoo Se Yoon also recently joined Super Junior‘s Leetuk in a comical lip-sync cover for Noel‘s “Your Voice” for Music Mystery Show.

Check out their music video here: