Yoon Hyun Sang debuts with “When Would It Be” MV ft. IU

Yoon Hyun Sang finally made his long-awaited debut on October 31st with his first mini-album, Pianoforte, and also with the release of the music video for “When Would It Be”, featuring fellow label-mate IU

Yoon Hyun Sang, who is known for his participation in the first season of SBS K-Pop Star back in 2011, had been teasing fans with a couple of video clips, and fans were definitely not left disappointed. Although the singer took quite a while to finally make his debut, he showed fans that it was definitely worth the wait. In fact, LOEN Entertainment stated, “This album will steal the hearts of many fans this autumn and Yoon Hyun Sang’s music is so befitting of this season it will not disappoint you“.

Yoon Hyun Sang demonstrated his wide range of musical talents as he took part in both producing and arranging the songs in addition to singing them, and as a result Pianoforte is an album that is unique to his artistic style. In fact, his label-mate IU was so impressed with his music that she personally requested to collaborate with him on his track “When Would It Be”.

The video features IU alternating between being in a beautiful fantasy scene with long, frizzy locks in a forest of tress and dead leaves, and being casually dressed with a guitar strapped to her back. Yoon Hyun Sang, on the other hand, spent the entirety of the video playing a piano. By the end of the song, the debuting singer had transformed into an old man.

The song portrays the minds of a couple after a break-up in a fable-like manner that goes back and forth between reality and fantasy. Yoon Hyun Sang and IU displayed their incredible voices and really strong vocal chemistry with each other, creating a very convincing story.

The music video and album were released on October 31st at midnight KST. Congratulations to Yoon Hyun Sang on his debut! Check out the music video below!