Yoon Hyun Sang puts on a special acoustic performance for fans

In celebration of White Day, LOEN Entertainment solo singer Yoon Hyun Sang uploaded an acoustic performance of a special song specially made for fans.

Wearing a loose white dress shirt and a cute hat, the singer serenaded his fans while sitting on a stool and playing acoustic guitar. Through the beautiful lyrics of the song, singer and songwriter Yoon Hyun Sang thanked his fans for their support.

With his soft and emotional voice, the singer easily carried the message of appreciation and love for fans. In Korea, White Day is a day for men to show their love to the women in their lives by giving them sweets, and Yoon Hyun Sang’s voice and special song definitely fit the description.

Yoon Hyun Sang also recently made a comeback with “Time Forgets,” which was released just a day earlier. Make sure to check out Yoon Hyun Sang’s cute musical gift for fans below!