Yoon Hyun Sang release live performance video of “Everywhere in my Room”

Remember the 18-year-old boy who surprised J.Y Park and BoA with his amazing song and singing skills on SBS K-Pop Star in 2012? Yoon Hyun Sang is finally back with his first debut album and his live performance music video for “Everywhere in my Room”.

Yoon Hyun Sang, who was in the TOP7 of SBS K-Pop Star in 2012, has been preparing for his debut for the past two years, after making a contract with LOEN Entertainment.

For his first mini-album PIANOFORTE, Yoon Hyun Sang proves himself as a singer-songwriter once again, producing all five tracks, including his title song “Everywhere in my Room”, himself.

Being a part of LOEN Entertainment, IU features in one of his tracks, and a collaboration stage planned for a later time. She first showed her interest in singing together with Yoon Hyun Sang after listening to his mini-album. Upon her request, Yoon Hyun Sang edited his solo song to a duet song to sing together with her.

Check out his live performance of his title track below!

Source: Joy News