Yoon Hyun Sang releases BTS video from “When Would It Be” MV

On November 4th, Yoon Hyun Sang released behind-the-scene footage from the making of his “When Would It Be” music video from his debut album Pianforte. 

The song, which is a duet with fellow label mate IU, has been quite a hit with fans, garnering over 400,000 views in less than a week! In addition to the powerful vocals by the pair, “When Would It Be” has also attracted a lot of attention for its music video, which features Yoon Hyun Sang and IU as two individuals who have both recently ended their respective relationships.

The set truly represented the theme of the song, featuring cold rain, cobwebs and a lush forest to show how time moves slowly after a break-up. Yoon Hyun Sang and IU’s intricate costumes have also received a lot of praise among netizens.

Because it was his first music video, Yoon Hyun Sang revealed that he was quite nervous, but tried his best to create a convincing scene. IU noted, however, that because it was his first music video, Yoon Hyun Sang didn’t look tired, despite hours of shooting. IU then followed up by addressing Yoon Hyun Sang’s fans, as well as her own fans and encouraging them to listen to the track and support the rookie Yoon Hyun Sang, who has just started his journey as a singer.

The soft, soothing voice of Yoon Hyun Sang combined with the irreplaceable voice of IU really make “When Would It Be” a perfect song for winter!

If you enjoyed the music video, make sure to check out the BTS video below!