[★VIDEO] Yoon Hyun Sang reveals BTS footage from first broadcast

On November 6th, Yoon Hyun Sang released behind-the-scenes footage from his first music show performance, revealing his calm nature and professionalism prior to the show. 

The singer revealed footage of himself and label mate IU before their first live performance of their duet “When Would It Be“, one of the two title tracks from his debut album, PIANOFORTE. The duo performed the song together live for the first time on MBC Music Core on November 1st. In addition to their first performance, Yoon Hyun Sang and IU have also performed “When Would It Be” on the November 2nd broadcast of SBS Inkigayo, and are scheduled to perform the song yet again on this week’s Music Core and Inkigayo episodes.

The behind-the-scenes video featured the two artists practicing their song as they prepared for their performance. Although IU has been in the K-pop industry since 2008, she showed that even veterans can be nervous before performances. The two then proceeded to give an emotional and heartfelt performance of their duet on the stage of MBC Music Core. The two LOEN Entertainment singers have really displayed strong chemistry since the release of their collaboration track, and have also been featured in 1theK‘s #Hashtag.

Be sure to check out the video below!