Yoon Hyun Sang shares sentimental cover of “Sometimes”

On December 30th, Yoon Hyun Sang delivered a sentimental cover of Crush’s “Sometimes” for fans to enjoy through a special live performance.

The artist was recently featured in another collection of live performances and now soulfully covers Crush’s track “Sometimes.”

The video is filmed with a hazy purple-pink lighting effect, setting the mood for listeners during this special moment. Accompanied by a band, Yoon Hyun Sang takes the role of pianist while singing the smooth tune. He is dressed in a simple black leather jacket, directing audience attention to his performance rather than outfit.

His light vocals complement the R&B chords he plays on the keyboard. The audience stays quiet as he sings, the camera occasionally showing their focused faces.

The background consisting of shelves of CDs fades away with Yoon Hyun Sang’s soft, comforting sound. Although the video captures many scenes where the star sings with his eyes closed, his facial expressions during other moments match the deep emotions he conveys with his voice.

Check out his rendition here: