Yoon Hyun Sang shows that “Time Forgets” in new MV

After releasing a pair of emotional video teasers for this new track “Time Forgets”, solo singer Yoon Hyun Sang finally released the music video for the song. 

The music video follows actor Hong Jong Hyunwho plays a male office worker trying to forget his ex-girlfriend. Despite trying to forget his former flame, played by actress Ji Ha Yoon, however, he still finds himself looking over the old pictures they took together.

Sitting alone at his desk, he remembers precious memories such as meeting for the first time, having a date at an amusement park, and riding bikes on a sunny day. Remembering such precious memories, the office worker eventually deletes all of the photos, and eventually breaks down in regret over the one that got away.

Yoon Hyun Sang’s soft voice works perfectly with the tone of the music video, creating a sensation of reminiscence and regret. The music video, which runs for almost six minutes, definitely paints a beautiful yet bittersweet image of a tragic romance.

Yoon Hyun Sang shows off his talents yet again, as the LOEN Entertainment solo artists wrote the lyrics for the song, and also took part in arranging it. Check out the music video for Yoon Hyun Sang’s “Time Forgets” below!