Yoon Jong Shin releases “The Color” ft. Beenzino

As the April installment of his monthly single project, Yoon Jong Shin released “The Color” featuring rapper Beenzino.

Opening with a classy beat, the collaboration track has a sexy and old school vibe as Yoon Jong Shin sings in a feeling reminiscent of spoken word. Throughout the track, brass instrumentals and jazzy drums can be heard in the background.

In honor of the title, a fast forwarded image of a canvas being painted red leaves viewers with a sense of mystery. In contrast to the retro instrumentation, Beenzino delivers his rap in a chic and modern style.

Additionally, the two sat down for a short interview as they shared their thoughts on the track and some clips behind the filming of the music video as they positioned themselves in front of the bright red painting.

Check it out here: