Yoon Jong Shin releases MV for “Birdman”

After teasing the release of the song and even releasing a making film for the music video, singer-songwriter and music producer Yoon Jong Shin finally released the music video for “Birdman” on February 27th.

Birdman is a part of the singer’s monthly single project, representing February 2015. Accompanied by talented musicians such as pianist Cho Yoon Sung as well as Michael Buble’s recording band, Yoon Jong Shin’s voice shines out as a timeless talent creating a powerful, emotional song.

The slow tempo of the song and heavy use of instruments is complimented by the music video, which is filmed in slow-motion, allowing viewers to better understand the emotion of the singer’s face, as well as his surroundings at the same time.

The track, which is more than five minutes long, is definitely proving to be a popular hit, with many fans commenting with messages of thanks and compliments for the singer. Make sure to check out Yoon Jong Shin’s “Birdman” below: