Yoon Jong Shin reveals making of video for “Birdman” MV

On February 25th, Yoon Jong Shin shared a soulful making of video for his February monthly project track, “Birdman.”

Opening with shots of musicians practicing their respective instruments, the volume dies down to silence before a warm piano sound enters. The making of video shows the talents of pianist Cho Yoon Sung as well as Michael Buble’s recording band. With such talented musicians providing their various skills, the track can be expected to be a hit among fans and music lovers.

The elegant piano notes combine with the slightly melancholy yet pensive brass to tease listeners with a colorful sound before gently fading away. The producer previously shared the album art to generate excitement for the release.

“Birdman” is set to be released on February 27th so stay tuned!

Check out the video here: