Yoon Sang reveals serene “Waltz” MV ft. Davink

On December 10th, Yoon Sang revealed the music video for “Waltz” featuring Davink. The track comes from his latest EP, The Duets.

The music video features Yoon Sang, Davink, and the band performing the track in a wintery setting with a motif of a carousel as a music box and full sized. Although the air is chilly from the drifting snow, the duo’s smooth voices give the music video a warm atmosphere.

“Waltz” has an old school vibe, focused on the synth and bass rhythms. The lyrics tell a story of two lovers, comparing their relationship to the hands of a clock. The music video also features a ballet dancer to fully visually express the themes of the two lovers and two clock hands dancing around each other, rarely able to meet. Her elegant dancing in the powdery snow gives the music video a sense of classic sophistication.

INFINITE‘s Kim Sunggyu also lent his vocals to the EP, collaborating with Yoon Sang on the track titled “To Me.”

Check out the music video here: