[★VIDEO] Yoona adorably poses with fruit for “Ceci” magazine

For the upcoming issue of Ceci magazine, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona poses in an adorable fashion for her pictorial.

Posing with the theme of fruit for the April 2015 edition of Ceci magazine, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona shows an adorable and girly side to the audience. Taking one fruit at a time in each photo, Yoona adorably poses for the camera, showing off some aegyo in the process.

In the fun and entertaining pictorial, Yoona also dresses in a casual manner with playful patterns on her clothes. Finishing off her pictorial, Yoona ends up standing on a pile of all the fruits mixed in together

Yoona’s full pictorial will be available with the release of the April edition of Ceci magazine.

Check out the photo shoot here: