Young Koreans Are Raking In Over $9000 Per Month In The Most Outrageous Trend To Hit The Internet

Mukbang, or broadcasting meals, has become a nationwide phenomenon, allowing popular stars to earn over $9,000 a month through their video streaming. 

Streaming content for money has become a part of the culture in many nations, especially in the e-sports market. However, did you know that, in South Korea, streaming yourself eating is a very popular type of streaming service?

Despite the simplicity of the South Korean fad, thousands of viewers tune in to watch streamers participate in mukbang, and even send virtual balloons, which translates directly into cash for the eating stars.

According to Park Seo Yeon, also known as TheDiva, there are several reasons why mukbang has become so popular. “People enjoy the vicarious pleasure with my online show when they can’t eat that much, or don’t want to eat food at night, or are on a diet.”

In fact, Park Seo Yeon has been doing so well with her mukbang shows that she has even quit her day job at a consulting firm. Earning over $9,000 a month from such videos, she is definitely one of the elite among the roughly 3,500 South Koreans who participate in mukbang streaming. In fact, mukbang is so popular that restaurants have begun sponsoring mukbang stars to reach out to their audience.

In addition to the vicarious experience, some fans have also claimed that it makes eating alone feel less awkward. South Korea is quickly becoming dominated by single-member households, making lonely meals a real foreseeable problem. Despite the popularity of mukbang in Korea, however, the fad doesn’t seem to have reached other countries quite just yet.

Most of these eating stars are renowned not only for their choice of food but for their fun personality as well as good looks. There are however those who are popular for their eccentric personalities such as this guys right here….

This BJ (streamer) known as “Loan Shark,” even made an appearance on “CONAN.”

What do you think about this latest fad?

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