Young rookie female idol impresses with her rich vocals on “King of Masked Singer”

A young female idol from a rookie girl group recently impressed her audience with her rich and emotional vocals on the recent episode of King of Masked Singer, revealing her identity to all.

Aired on July 19th, the masked contestant performing under the alias “Christmas In July” had the celebrity panel and audience blown away with her overwhelming vocals.

From the start, both the audience and the judge cheered on for her as she showed off her pro-like singing skills and entered the finals, going up against contestant “King of Song Tungki” this week. Last week, she went up against contestant “Chimaek Party in Midsummer Night” revealed to be singer The Name (34; 2002). The celebrity panel had guessed she was a female idol, either MAMAMOO‘s Solar or BESTie‘s Uji.

Unfortunately, she was eliminated and thus her identity revealed to be the main vocalist of rookie girl group G-Friend, Yuju! She then surprised the panel further when Kim Gura asked about her age, revealing to be only a tender age of 17 years old (1997), a year older than Kim Gura’s own son GREE (1998).

Netizens praised her, posting, “She’s amazing,” “She’s really good at singing,” and “‘Christmas in July’ was Yuju.”

Meanwhile, G-Friend is preparing for their comeback with its 2nd mini-album set to be released on July 23rd.

Watch her unveiling and some of her past performances on the show below:

Source: Jeonja Shimun