Younha adorably covers “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

On December 21st, Younha revealed footage from her The Secret Garden concert of her adorable rendition of Frozen‘s hit track, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”.

After a short conversation with the crowd, solo vocalist Younha launches into her cute cover of the popular song. As she accompanies herself on the piano, she also embodies the storyline from the movie, reciting lines by the characters during her song.

Her elegant, white lace dress and shining accessories get concert attendees fully into the Frozen mood. In this rendition, she not only shows her fun, open spirit but also her vocal flexibility as well. Just as in the movie version of the track, the tone becomes serious and bittersweet at the end of her song. From the youthful, child-like innocence she began the song with, through the sunken, cold-hearted ending, the performance by Younha captivated fans with through the artist’s short but sweet cover of the Disney track.

Younha will be delivering more special performances at the other stops of her The Secret Garden concert tour.

Revisit her cute performance here: