Z.HERA releases MV teaser for “XOX” featuring Dalshabet’s Gaeun

Soloist Z.HERA will be teaming up with Dalshabet‘s Gaeun for her upcoming track “XOX” and released the music video teaser for the track on July 17th. 

With an upbeat and funky track, the teaser first showcased Z.HERA looking bored while on the couch. The teaser later transitioned to revealing Gaeun on the television screen, showing that Z.HERA was watching a show that Gaeum was on. Although the teaser showcased the two individually, they were later seen in the same scene as they sang, “Hey.”

Z.HERA debuted with the music video for “Peacock” and released her first mini-album Z.HERA BORN on May 12, 2014. Since her debut, she released the music video for “D Island” as well released tracks such as “Peanut Butter,” and more.