ZE:A’s Dongjun promotes V.O.S with a best 8 medley

ZE:A‘s manly maknae Dongjun has graced us with his beautiful vocals as he serenades fans with a medley of V.O.S‘ best eight songs!

The video starts off with Dongjun briefly introducing himself and announcing that labelmate V.O.S will be holding a concert soon. He then goes on to sing a short medley of V.O.S’ best songs, including “Beautiful Life”, “Cry”, “Everyday Everyday”, “In Trouble”, “With U”, “Running In Tears”, “We Are Strangers Now”, and “Now I”. He then concludes the video with a cute stumble over the concert details.

V.O.S, short for Voice of Soul, is an all-male duo that debuted initially as three under Star Empire Entertainment in 2004. Over the years, they have garnered much attention for their mellow voices and perfect harmonies, making their mark in the world of K-ballads.

Their latest song “Running In Tears” is to be released on October 29th at noon; however, Dongjun seems to have teased fans with a snippet of their highly anticipated comeback single, the first one released in four years.

V.O.S’ upcoming concert “V.O.S Concert – 4 Years Later”, featuring So Real, has been confirmed to take place from October 31st to November 2nd, with a total of 4 different performances.

It’s really great to see labelmates supporting each other, pulling each other through any negativity that may be surrounding them. Check out the medley below!