Zia and HeartB release music video for “Missing You”

After teasing fans about their upcoming collaboration track, Zia and Heart B released their music video for “Missing You” on January 7th.

Previously, Zia and HeartB released two video teasers and an album cover for their collaboration track.

The music video for “Missing You” opens with a gentle melody and shows the two going about their day. As it transitions back to the beginning scenes, it shows the two main characters recounting their memories and missing their previous significant others, as well as a second male lead sitting in a snowy park.

HeartB starts off the track with their melodious voices and Zia picks up the melody near the middle, showcasing her emotional vocals, before they all come together to sing.

Suddenly, the bus she is riding on crashes and catches on fire. She is left in the ruins of the bus while the first male lead watches the crash on television. The music video then goes back to the beginning scene, featuring the second male lead in the snow. Although the music video is seven minutes long, the last two minutes feature the credits.

Check out the music video for Zia and HeartB’s “Missing You” below!

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel