Zia and Lee Hyun release melancholy “It’s Raining” lyric MV

On April 7th, Zia and Lee Hyun released a lyric music video for their latest collaboration track, “It’s Raining.”

Filmed entirely in black and white, the lyric video shows the handwritten lyrics entering the black and white screen. Not only is there a thematically appropriate image of rain falling upon a window, viewers get to see the two artists in the recording studio as well.

The cinematography of the lyric music video opens with an image of rain before cutting to the two artists working hard in the recording studio. Former 8eight member Lee Hyun starts off the track with his solemn and low vocals before Zia’s equally moving sound enters in.

The two voices join in a moving harmony that sings of a painful reconciliation and memories. Although their voices come together in a sweet musical harmony, the emotions and lyrics tell a heartbreaking tale.

Check out their lyric video here: