Zia releases image + MV teaser for “Bad Rumor”

Solo artist Zia prepares for her comeback with image and music video teasers for “Bad Rumor.”

After releasing her full album, 11 Days Have Passed back in January 2014, Zia is preparing to come back with a new digital single titled, “Bad Rumor.” In the first photo, Zia is seen walking down the beach wearing high heels, a scarf, and coat. The calm waves are behind her figure as she looks down at the sand. In a second black and white image, Zia is sitting down on a bed. Books and magazines are all over the floor and pillows and sheets are thrown off the bed.

In the music video teaser, Zia walks alone on the shore, dressed in the same outfit as in her first image teaser. An abandoned piano covered in thorns and branches both contrasts and compliments the sad, crashing waves. Zia’s steady and mid-ranged vocals close the music video as the strings instrumental cuts off.

Her album and music video for “Bad Rumor” will drop on December 2nd at 12:00PM.

Take a look at the image teasers and music video teasers here:

Source: XSports News