Zico shares his favorite songs on 1theK’s “MelOn Playlist”

Block B‘s Zico is the next guest to feature on 1theK‘s MelOn Playlist, sharing his favorite songs on the November 20th installment while he promotes his new solo track, “Tough Cookie.”

The rapper is dressed in a cool and comfortable outfit as his all black ensemble and sunglasses give him a mysterious aura. He sits casually in a sofa chair as he begins to share his most beloved tracks with viewers.

Zico’s musical tastes cover a wide range as seen by the first two songs, one the modern collaboration track “Silver Sonata” of Gaeko and Crush and the second an oldies rock song by David Lee Roth.

He tells viewers about the many sources of his inspiration such as Verbal Jint‘s “1219 Epiphany” that has fueled his motivation to pursue his rap career since his trainee days.

Check out his MelOn Playlist here: