Zion.T and Crush choose their favorite songs on “MelOn Playlist”

Following the successful release of their new project track “Young,” hip hop and R&B artists Zion.T and Crush are the latest artists to create their very own MelOn Playlist.

In a video released on February 5th on the 1theK YouTube channel, Zion.T and Crush make a small list of songs that have heavily influenced them throughout their lives and as artists.

Below are the eight songs that made it onto Zion.T and Crush’s MelOn Playlist, including the reasons why they especially love each track:

1. The Carpenters – “Close To You”

  • A song with a beautiful melody from the American vocal duo famous from their parent’s generation. Zion.T used to hum this song to himself as a kid.

2. Lil’ Kim – “Crush On You”

  • The best of the best from the golden age of female rap stars. It shows off her sensuality and has an impressive music video.

3. IU – “Pierot Laughs At Us”

  • She’s an artist with a special and incomparable voice. Zion.T especially likes her remake of the song originally sung by Kim Wan Sun.

4. Blackstreet – “Deep”

  • A song with a subject that needs no explaining, Zion.T and Crush listened to this track when they were feeling especially stressed out in the recording studio.

5. Jinbo – “Just One Hour”

  • Zion.T and Crush especially admire Jinbo’s originality as no one in Korea was making R&B music with this kind of vibe when the track was first released.

6. Babyface – “I Said I Love You”

  • Crush’s favorite song by this American R&B artist with a lot of hit tracks.

7. Khalil Fong – “Love Love Love”

  • A Chinese artist that Crush found by chance and instantly loved, his music has a unique combination of American R&B sounds with a Chinese flare that Crush has grown to admire.

8. Eric Bellinger – “Focuses On You (feat. 2 Chainz)”

  • He’s one of the hottest R&B singers/song writers in America right now and his sound is really trendy.

Check out the MelOn Playlist video featuring Zion.T and Crush below: