Zion.T says love is like “Zero Gravity” in new MV

In his new song “Zero Gravity,” hip hop artist Zion.T soulfully sings about a love that made him feel as if nothing else matters. 

Coming off his successful collaboration track “Just,” the hip hop singer showed fans once again why he is considered one of the best R&B artists in Korea. With a laid-back tone and smooth rhythm, “Zero Gravity” really gives fans a sense of relaxation and carefree happiness.

The music video for the track features Zion.T with his signature shades and slicked back hair as he serenades a girl. Comparing her to flower petals in a spring breeze, the singer explains exactly how she makes him feel.

“Zero Gravity” is the third track of a project by Kang Seung Won, the musical director of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. It is reported that after Kang Seung Won heard Zion.T’s charming vocals, he sent the love call to the singer. The director has praised Zion.T as a “sexy and talented young man,” a perfect quality to complement the emotions of the track.

Despite its plain set, the music video for “Zero Gravity” utilizes lighting very well, and also features a dancing astronaut for the comedic factor. Make sure to check out Zion.T’s latest music video below!