Female Idols Who Proved Dieting Is Better Than Cosmetic Surgery

K-Pop celebrities are well known for their dieting magic and these artists have shown they’re masters at simple diets to get their ideal figure.

Dieting is a sensitive issue in K-Pop, due to many idols feeling pressure from both their company and outsiders to starve and get skinny. However, some celebrities have been vocal in their independence, sharing how they diet safely in order to maintain or manage their figures.

These celebrities choose to lose weight using healthy diets and strict workout routines to promote a positive body image and confidence in all women.

Take a look at some of these amazing transformation through health diets below!

miss A Suzy

Suzy became known for her “chubby” looks, however, many commented on her weight, particularly after her debut.


Now Suzy has become known as one of the most beautiful women in Korea for her health figure and stunning looks.


Ailee became known for her weight and she even stated her weight helped her vocals.


She took on a healthy diet and lost 8-10kg for her “Mind Your Business” comeback. Fans were in awe of her new look.

Kang Sora

Actress Kang Sora health figure was the envy of many.


After she slimmed down she looked just as beautiful.

Park Shin Hye

Actress Park Shin Hye also became known for her healthy body image. She was also met with comments regarding her fluctuating weight online.


She caught everyone’s attention when she slimmed down. She continues to promote fitness and health diets.

After School Uee

Uee received hateful comments for her weight but was unfazed as she continued to promote a healthy body image.


Uee slim figure is now the envy of many fans.

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