Here’s How Park Shin Hye and Jun Ji Hyun Would Look If They Were Vampires

These 5 Korean Actresses were voted as the best suited to play a vampire role in a movie. A fan photoshopped them to look like vampires and it’s so eerie but beautiful!

1 Lee Young Ae

Lee Young Ae looks like she will lure you in with her beauty only to ruthlessly snatch your neck by her fangs.

2 Han Ye Seul

Even if Han Ye Seul’s identity as a vampire was known, it would be so hard to resist her temptation and not get preyed on.

3 Song Hye Kyo

Even with her flushed red eyes, Song Hye Kyo’s beauty is exquisite!

4 Park Shin Hye

Watch out! This “girl from next door” wants more than your friendship.

5 Jun Ji Hyun

Surrender all to the vampire queen herself, she will make your death more peaceful.

Source: Dispatch

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