The idol that was scouted by 7 different entertainment companies

BTS’s Jungkook received love calls from 7 different agencies after he starred on Superstar K.

He auditioned for the program in 2011, but his entire audition was edited out completely.

Jungkook ultimately failed the audition, but agency recruiters there saw something in him.

He ended up being scouted by 7 entertainments, including JYP, FNC, Woollim, Starship, TS, Cube, and Big Hit Entertainment.

Despite having been recruited by largely successful agencies, Jungkook chose Big Hit Entertainment.

“The fact that he rejected all the agencies that were more successful than us and chose to sign with this company, I think, was God’s will.”

— BTS’s Suga

On Shin Yang Man Show, Jungkook explained that his decision was largely because of Rap Monster.

“I thought Rap Monster was so cool, so I wanted to sign with them [Big Hit]. I told my parents that I wanted to join, and so I signed.”

— BTS’s Jungkook

It seems Jungkook was truly destined to be part of BTS from the very beginning!

Source: Insight

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