22 Of BTS Jin’s Most Savage Post-It Notes To Fans

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Here’s A List Of K-Pop Idols Who Are Getting Tested For COVID-19 After UP10TION’s Bitto Confirms Positive

Get better soon Bitto!

Ahgases Angered At The Treatment GOT7 Is Receiving From Their Company Despite The Upcoming Comeback

They hope for better promotion.

Popular Korean YouTuber Takes Heat After Sharing Her Liposuction Transformation And Drastic Weight Loss “Tip”

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A Fan Played A Joke On STAYC’s J During A Videocall Fansign Causing Her To Be Hurt For A Moment … Netizens Discuss Appropriate Behavior During Such Calls

Where is the appropriate line for jokes?

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This Girl Group Member Confused Fans by Pulling out a Flip Phone at the Airport

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10 Close-ups Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie We Don’t Talk About Enough But Should

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The “Run BTS!” Editors Are Fangirling Over Jungkook Yet Again

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People Allegedly Cursed Out Cho Seungyeon (WOODZ) When He Was Called As A Debut Member For X1

They were cursing at him as he walked the stage.

ARMY Are Falling In Love With BTS’s Hot Bodyguard, Because Whoa

This attractive bodyguard has his own fanclub.

Photos Of IU In Different Time Periods Prove Just How Timeless Her Beauty Is

IU’s beauty blends in perfectly with the Joseon era as well as right now in the modern day.

Jungkook Can’t Buy His Own Toothbrush Now… Because Fans Bought Them All

He accidentally caused this toothbrush to sell out.

BTS’s V Confessed When He Feels the Most Good-Looking

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BLACKPINK Each Picked The Member They Most Want To Become, And One Person Kept Being Chosen

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Life Lessons From SHINee That We Totally Need To Hear Right Now

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Actor Kim Seon Ho’s Past “2 Days & 1 Night” Episode Resurfaces… For His Hot Bod In A Wet Suit Captured

🔥🔥🔥 His body is not so “Good Boy”.

BTS’s V Branded His Own Potential Liquor Company By Using Clever Korean Wordplay

He came up with a name that Dionysus would approve of.

Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki’s Divorce Mediation Reportedly Took Just 5 Minutes

Divorce lawyers claim it was unusually fast.

10 Idols Who Netizens Think Explode With Sexiness When Performing On Stage

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